Tuesday, August 10, 2010

State Senator Tom McGee is a Proud Lynner

I want to personally thank Senator McGee and Brendan and Robin from his staff for setting up a meeting with some of Lynn's most active citizens in the Downtown and Diamond District areas of Lynn. The meeting kicked off by getting to know the Senator a bit more.  A Lynner for life it seems, he is very proud to state he's in the same home he's been in for 50 years. He talked about his dad's service in Ward 5 and how he's always wanted to be a public servant.

One thing that rang out loud and clear throughout this session with Senator McGee, is there are a lot of North Shore groups forming around us that we need to tap into. He spoke of the North Shore Chamber a lot. He brought up the North Shore Alliance. He talked about the Northeast Caucus that has been formed in the Senate. It's very clear that the North Shore is waking up. We are not to be ignored anymore. Several things passed in the recent legislature have been results of agressive support from North Shore Organizations. A new North Shore Technical High School combining Essex Aggie and Peabody Voc, and Salem State becoming a University among them.

On Economic Development, he spoke of recent legislature that should help out Lynn in some key ways. There is something about Lynn being a Gateway city in MA. Large enough to be considered a starting point for economic sparks. We've always kind of called ourselves the Gateway to the North Shore. I guess it's more true than we first thought. I'll have to look into more on this and write it up at some point.

One key government body we need to get aware of and fast is the MPO. They handle ARRA money that is funneled through the State. I believe if we were to ever make progress on Blue Line, Ferry, etc the funds would come from this organization. There is a project starting over on Lynnfield and Millard Ave to fix up that dangerous intersection funded through this body.

We talked about tax incentives a little bit for creative types, both residents and commercial. We have some follow up to do to research "Creative economies" and figure out who the big proponents of this type of economic growth are on the North Shore. Whoever those people are need to educate our city immediately. We have some names now, so I hope to be able to report more on progress there soon.

The big take away was to be proud and loud of Lynn. Senator McGee is a Lynner and will always be a Lynner from the looks of it. He is fighting for Lynn's image as much as we all are if not more.  He called on all of us to create good stories that will then be shared. Lynn didn't always have this image and it doesn't have to have it in the future.

Thanks Senator McGee for taking the time to learn a little about the residents in Downtown Lynn. The Senator is up for re-election this year. The DTLna does not endorse candidates for office as a body. I will express my personal opinion sometime closer to the election. However, it seems clear to me right now, we got a great Lynner in that seat and we might just want to keep him there.



  1. Thanks for organizing this important meeting!

  2. Thank you for setting this meeting up! McGee's dreams for the waterfront and making Lynn a real transportation hub sound interesting.

  3. Thank you Corey. As I listened to Sen. McGee, the phrase "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" kept chiming in my head. The MBTA cleanup is one example and a number of achievements at the waterfront organized by the Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach is another. Different officials have made it clear that when they are bombarded with phone calls and large meetings of constituents they are much more apt to listen and follow through.


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