Thursday, September 9, 2010

Council Notes - Lynn City Council Top Secret Meeting of September 7th, 2010

I would not have known there was a Council meeting had not Seth checked in on Foursquare to City Hall. He did his homework and found out they would be meeting. I heard that not even LYNNCAM was there. This is a disgrace to open government. The city council should be held accountable for LynnCAM not being there and this meeting not being made public. Thank the lord for To be fair, they did post it to the council website, but they usually send email to a few of the blogs, LynnCAM, and I believe the Item. That was probably missed due to vacation schedules. So, no biggie.

Turns out.... this was quite the council session.

The meeting began various statements to the council. One of those was Councilor Crighton explaining to the council and "public" that he had to vote present on the Home Rule Petition as he was not sure at the time whether or not he had a conflict of interest due to his role in state government. This becomes very important later, so stay tuned.

A Landromat gets tabled and a personal fitness business gets approved next. The latter will go next to Monte's on Eastern Ave.

When the laundromat discussion was going on, a woman took the mic that was a bit quiet. Phelan asked her to pull the mic down so they could hear (Interesting, he never tells Cyr to do that). It turns out she wasn't really on topic. Cyr usually is, I wish we could hear him. Oh well. He should get over the LynnCAM debate. It was a while ago now. Judy's Mayor now. That should tell you something.  Let's use the mics and be big boys, Cyr. It's time.

We then go through a bunch of National Grid BS where the council asks questions like "Will the lights actually shine on the players on the field." Ummm?? I guess these are the questions you have to ask very bad vendors in a non-competitive scenario. So I'll go with it.  What amused me though, was that they approved National Grid's motion on the stipulation that National Grid call on Wednesday with "a date" when the lights would shine on the players. "A date." I hope they called on Wednesday and said, "By 9/7/3023."

Throughout the beginning of the meeting, I am convinced that Duffy has a random vote generator. He votes NO randomly. So randomly, it seems so non-sensical, that it has to be some sort of random algorithm. Maybe he's a robot? One of those extra-terrestrials from Horizons Edge Casino?

They then made an amendment to the vicious dog ordinance that seems to say, that even if you get the training we agreed to, we can still overrule it and put that dog in the muzzle it deserves. So much for that stipulation.  It was a decent attempt Cahill. I still give you kudos.

Now..... the part of the meeting that was not even on the agenda under unfinished business and probably was the most important thing spoke on, Officer Leblanc's Home Rule Petition. It even had a front page Item story AND an editorial the next day from PHELAN?????   How is that possible if even LynnCAM wasn't sent a message about a meeting happening? I'm awful confused on this one............. Phil, could you explain this to me? Give me a call. It's been a while.

So the proposal from Tim Phelan was - instead of giving Lebalnc an increase on his pension from 77%-100%, we will submit to the state a petition that says Leblanc will still earn 77% but can earn up to 66% of his pension at a new job without penalty. This sounds great at first glance. Put the burden on him and a new employer and still give him a nice pension for his work on the Lynn Police Department.  Crighton was quick to jump on this as a WASTE OF TIME. The state would never approve this and we'd be back to square one. Cahill agreed. NOTE: These are two individuals with ACTUAL STATE LEVEL LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE.

What does our council do?

You guessed it!
Ignore them and almost make them seem like devils, until Phelan stepped in and made sure everyone was aware that Crighton and Cahill are supporters of Leblanc. In fact, both would rather see an increase in the actual pension. Something the City Council actually has the right to suggest. What we suggested instead is NEVER going to get through the state and we'll be back on this in a few months. I will let you know when I see it.  I applaud Cahill and Crighton for trying to add logic to the discussion. I hope someday that works out in one of these debates.

The conversation actually got quite amusing at times, as these things tend to get as we approach the later hours. Crowley asked if the city experts could convert percentages into actual numbers for him. That was quite a useful question. I think we should buy calculators for the council members so such questions don't have to be thrown to the legal department.

Maybe my favorite moment of the evening was when Colucci told the council that Dave Liscio (I assume he means the item reporter) once said, "It's better to try and fail than never try at all!"  I think that has some roots in Tennyson, but you might want to look that up Colucci.... maybe it was Liscio.

The motion passed with two voting no.... Cahill and Crighton. Good for you guys. You tried to get Leblanc some resolution faster.... The Council would rather make the state look like the bad guys and then come back to the table to do what we should have done on day one, increase his pension. Period!


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