Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Forget to Vote - Tuesday 9/14 is Primary Day!

There are choices on the ballot for both parties. On the Democratic we have choices on Treasurer, Auditor, and Councilor (Governor's Council).

On the Republican side there are choices for Auditor and United States Representative (you get to pick who runs and eventually loses to Representive Tierney).

Make sure you vote. Every vote will matter. has a decent voter's guide where you can see the answers to specific questions from each of the candidates. I'm sure there are other resources as well.

I think I'm registered Democrat (although I was tempted to change to Independent) after the Mass Democrats embarrassed me during the Lynn Mayoral election. 

I'm for Grossman (Treasurer), Bump (Auditor), and I'm not yet sure on Council.

I haven't found anything on Manning yet. Anyone have anything to say for Panos v. Manning?

See you at the polls.


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