Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Follow-up Meeting with Lt. Cmd. Lenehan from the MBTA Transit Police

I can't give enough praise to Lt. Cmd Lenehan and his willingness to listen and serve our community.  The follow-up session tonight was completely initiated by the Lt. Cmd and I think that says a lot in and of itself.

The collaboration between the MBTA Transit Police, Lynn Police, and NSCC Campus Police is also something to be applauded. It's extremely important that each group work together and from the looks of it, that is exactly what is happening.  I'm going to butcher names but I'll try. Chief Doug Puska from NSCC Police was in attendance. Lt. Dave Brown and Sgt Dean from the Lynn Police Department were there.

State Senator McGee's office and State Rep. Steve Walsh's office were also represented.

Cleanliness and police prescense has improved dramatically as we all see on a daily basis. When there is an issue, a simple email to John Hogan has it resolved within 24 hours.  We've really only had one lapse since our meeting in July and that was due to Labor Day vacation for some employees.

The camera project is still ongoing. The initial promise of installation has not come to fruition yet. We are told it is now in the hands of Randy Clark at the MBTA and has been submitted as part of a Homeland Security grant. I'm still hopeful that this will occur. It just might take a little longer.

Recent security events have been mostly centered around cell phone snatchers. They can't stress enough how aware you need to be while using your cell phones on the public transit system. One recent phone theft occurred at 1:30PM on the platform. They know they can get $100 for your $500 smartphone, so protect the thing or it's going to get grabbed out of your hand.

TIP: No matter what time of day, if you know your train isn't coming for a while, don't stand up on an empty platform. Hang out in the atrium where the cabs are waiting or near the bus stops or NSCC police station until you hear the trains approaching and then head up the stairs.

We expect further information on both the camera project and the station overall repairs soon. Nothing has been done about any of the pictures we took with Hogan's staff person. We're still waiting on when repairs, painting, and more intensive cleaning will be done of the entire facility.

More to come soon..

Again, big thank you to Lt. Cmd Lenehan. Lynn Station is a safer place because of your heroic efforts.


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