Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jesse, You Are My Hero! School Committee Budget Should Be Online!

It should also be a part of the overall City budget discussions. I'm sure I need a civics lesson on this one, but I don't understand why they are so separate. I can understand that the city council may not govern the school budget or make ammendments to it as they could kill schools off in favor of having enough money for pitbull muzzles, but I don't understand why the whole picture of the city's fiscal situation isn't looked at, all at once, so we can really understand where our tradeoffs are.

Jesse, you said it all. I'm so glad you walked in with only a split second left in the public hearing. He walked up to the mic and commended the Mayor on posting the City Budget online. He then asked a question that shouldn't have to be asked, "Why wasn't the School Budget posted online?" He was told that that will have to wait until the discussion part of the meeting and that his time now was to be used to state his opinion on the budget. He proceeded to ask how one would obtain it in order to have an opinion. He was told.... through the school board. Hmmm? I don't even know what that means, so I'm sure it's real easy to figure out for the average citizen.

They should send a copy home with every student and the thing should be ONLINE! It's been a week since the hearing and it's still not ONLINE.  As a matter of fact if you go to the Lynn Schools website, the agenda for July 29th is up there. A bit outdated, kind of like our school department's strategy for budget cuts. The summer reading list is there too in case you want to get started on that.... Oh wait, summer is over.

To be fair I haven't had a chance to listen to the discussion. If anyone did and they promised any changes to overall strategy, posting of the budget online so we could begin to have a fair dialogue with the same information in both brains, or anything else that's interesting, please leave a comment.

I wish someone would go to all meetings and record them. Are they on LynnCAM? Why doesn't LynnCAM just post everything online?


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  1. The amount for the school budget was posted as a line item in the approved municipal budget that was posted online back in June. To boast no layoffs when the school budget was short $2.5 million I didn't understand - especially with 45 people leaving and not being replaced. I would have rather see city hall or other department personnel cuts before the 5 elementary school librarians cut and any classrooms with 31 elementary students. It does seem to me the school budget should be balanced before the municipal budget. Of the two I consider the school budget the most important. 14 people were there with 89k residents in this city - some left after they were approved for hiring next week which means they only wanted to hear that. Of course the state dept. of education has not approved the plan for the two 'worst' schools that Lynn had to submit yet so it might still change the budget.


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