Thursday, September 9, 2010

Runners: Are You Registered for the 5K in Central Square on 9/16?

4th Annual Central Square 5K  From the Clock to the Rock 

September 16th at 6:00PM

Race Course Starts and Ends in Central Sq. Lynn (includes scenic route along Atlantic Ocean). 

Entry Information: $17.00 Pre-entry. 
Registration must be received by September 15th.  
$20.00 Race-day Registration. 

Click here  for the registration form.

If you don't want to race but wish to volunteer, email me at and I'll hook you up with the organizers.  

Tips: You must carbo-load the night before. You can start at around lunchtime by eating 2 cubans at Fernandos. Then head over to Tatiana's for some of the Chicken Marsala Alfredo dish. After that bulk up on some Blue Ox Burgers and frites and finish it all off with gnocchi and a cheese plate at Turbine. No alcohol though... you got to race the next day after all... 


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