Friday, September 3, 2010

Subterranean Coming Soon to TLGUTS - 25 Exchange Street

Something is brewing at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs at 25 Exchange Street. Not that I'm surprised. There is always something going on down there. From the sound of things it looks like it may be a rare book and music store.  If you haven't been to TLGUTs in the past, they have a gift shop with local art, jewelry and cards. You should definitely check it out. My guess is that Subterranean is going to make it even more impossible for you not to get your ass over there! 

From the Facebook description:

"Subterranean is a community-sourced emporium of eclectic used books and music located inside TLGUTS, in the heart of downtown Lynn. Buy or sell on consignment."

Looks like they are going to have the same hours as TLGUTS, T-TH 7-9PM and Sat 10AM - 6PM!

More details as we find out what is going on. Check out the Facebook Fan Page for Subterranean.

Jocelyn? Chris? Tell us more!



  1. You have the gist of it sir. The Devil's in the details. I don't know how many of the books or CDs will be as rare as the first item listed on the Facebook page, but they should generally be curious specimins. Thanks for the post!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing it come together. We need more Chris' to move to Downtown Lynn. You are a real part of this creation. Big kudos!

  3. What he said. We'll throw some kind of shindig when all is ready. We're good shindig throwers.

  4. let us know when it is ready! I'm sure you will.


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