Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time to Debate the Lynn, MA Dress Code! - Adult Entertainment Ordinance Public Hearing on Tuesday!

It's time to get all these naked people to stop performing sexual acts all over the place in Lynn!!!!! Oh wait.... we don't actually have that problem, do we??? Do we? Apparently, someone on the council thinks so.

Regardless, here we go again.... a non issue.... made into an issue.... and we'll have a public hearing on it. Since it's being made an issue... it's important the "public" speak UP!

So let me be clear... I'm all for making it difficult to open a strip club in Lynn, but this goes TOO FAR!!! It's a dress code.... It's a threat to artistic expression....

I've asked that the ordinance be posted online on the city council's website so that the public has a chance at reading it prior to the public hearing.   I'm hopeful that will be honored. If not, please...please...please go to City Hall and request it from the city clerk. It is not long, but it is horrifying. READ IT!!!

This is a non-issue. Not a priority for our city. Not something we want to waste time enforcing. Much of it we already have laws for.  Table this thing... move on... and if you refuse to table it, please trim it down to what you are trying to do.

This should not be a dress code. This should not be a blanket statement on all public expression. This should not reiterate laws we already have on the books to protect us from prostitution and public indecency.

This SHOULD be a zoning ordinance that makes it difficult to open a strip club. It is soooooooooooooooooo much more than that.

I'm hopeful that it's been modified from it's original text. If they choose to post it online, I may have a chance at reading it once more.

See you all on Tuesday.


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