Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arts After Hours - It's What We Do!

I just left The Little Gallery Under the Stairs, one of my partners in Arts After Hours. What was going on there on  Tuesday night might surprise you. In TLGUTS, there were about 8 chairs, 6 of which were filled with musicians jamming to their favorite melodies. The music started rough and progressed to something completely amazing as they began to understand each other. In the book shop, Subterranean (which I learned to spell today), Chris Barber (owner) was carving his shoe for this weeks Arts After Hours "Lynn's Got Sole" while Seth (of, Jocelyn (owner of TLGUTS), and I went through the final logisitics for this Thursday's event.  Arts After Hours is becoming more a way of life in Downtown Lynn than any particular event.  It's what we do! It's how we live!

As someone who has found most of his artistic success in areas outside of Lynn, I am so happy to finally start to make headway on calling Lynn a place where I can have a place as an artist. It never really seemed that way before until I met a few others who brought me in to their own creative worlds. It's now clear to me that I need to do my theater here. (Stay tuned for more on that, come this spring.)

I've always felt that, artist or not, we are all part of a very unique creation downtown. Come see that taking shape on Thursday night at the Lynn Museum from 7PM on. As proof that we're all part of this creation, we have 4 Downtown Lynn business owners (who are also incredible artists in their own right) contributing to The Shoe Project.  Several residents will have their art on display. Fernando's and Turbine will be on hand with some of the most incredible food, wine and beer selections you will find anywhere on the North Shore.

I hope to see you on thursday. More importantly, I hope to inspire you and help you join in on this incredible experience of creating our artistic home in Downtown Lynn.
Chris Barber of Subterranean, doing some art... after hours


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