Friday, October 15, 2010

City Meetings and City Council Agenda for Tuesday October 19, 2010

City Meetings for Tuesday the 19th
Interview Committee, 6:30 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re:  Mayor’s Appointment – Chairman of the License Commission:  Patricia Barton.

License Committee, 7:15 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re:  Minor Licenses, and Other Business.

Public Property Committee, 7:30 P.M., Room 402
Discussion re:  Request from Seacrest Foods International; Request
From DPW; and Other Business.

Finance Committee, 7:45 P.M., Room 408
Discussion re:  Financial Transfers and Other Business.

City Council Agenda
Roll Call
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance

Accept minutes of September 28, 2010

Her Honor the Mayor:

Dear Councilors:
I am hereby appointing Patricia Barton, 196 Locust Street, Lynn Massachusetts as Chairman of the License Commission.  Ms. Barton’s term is effective immediately and will expire on June 7, 2016.
Sincerely, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor

Dear Councilors:
Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 138, Section 5, stipulates that the Licensing Commission terms are for six (6) years, whereby one Commissioner must expire every two years.  In accordance with an opinion from the City Solicitor’s Office, a mistake was made previously when Michael Phelps was appointed to complete George Coles’ term on the License Commission.
Therefore, in order to comply with the Statute, the records should reflect that the appropriate expiration of Michael Phelps’s term will occur June 5, 2012.
Sincerely, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor

Public Hearings:
Petition of Val DePerrio, The Dry Cleaner, for permission to install washers and dryers to clean wash and fold (retail) at 170Liberty Street.  (Crighton)

Petition of Alfred Scibelli, A.J. Auto Sales, for permission for digital signs and others at 232 Western Avenue.  (Trahant)

Petition of WilliamP. Booras, Osborne Pharmacy for sign permit at 59 Essex Street.  (Cyr)

Public Hearings to be Set Down:
Petition of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 507, George Rivers, Post Commander, for permission to transfer locationof existing VFW post from original location at 90 High Rock Street to 19-21 Fayette Street, with All Alcohol Club License with hours from 12 Noon to 1:00 a.m., Sunday through Saturday.  (Trahant)

Petition of AT&T, Francis Keller, for permission to modify equipment and add three antennas four feet in height and 11.8” wide between the current antennas at 92 Curwin Circle. (Ford)

Petition of AT&T, Francis Keller, for permission to modify equipment and increase antennas from 6 to 9 at 71 Linden Street.  (Ford)

Unfinished Business:
City Council Meeting of September 27, 1020:

Ordered that the burnt, dilapidated or dangerous building or other structure located at 394-396 Eastern Avenue be adjudged a nuisance to the neighborhood or dangerous and prescribe to its disposition, alteration, or regulation all as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 139, Section 1.

Adopt permanently:
An Ordinance Regulating Adult Entertainment in the City of Lynn.
An Ordinance Amending the City of Lynn Zone Ordinance and City of Lynn Zone Map (Waterfront)

Public Property of September 27, 2010:

Ordered that the owner, Arthur Costonis, Trustee, Tails Realty Trust, of the property at 9 Chancery Lane be allowed to redeem the property with the stipulation that all taxes, fines, and fees be paid immediately.

Committee Reports:
Interview Committee
License Committee
Public Property Committee
Finance Committee

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