Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Council Notes from October 19th, 2010 - Who Needs an Agenda Anyway?

No doubt you've read today's Item. If not, please check out the story on the very shameful activity of our council president last night.  Sometimes Phelan makes me more embarrased for the city than the rats and gangs.  You expect more from your council president. At least I do...

I knew the City Council agenda and so did you since it was posted right here on Patricia Barton was right at the top of the printed agenda sent to me by the city council office and posted on the city council website (it still says that was on the agenda). Now, you might think... it was an accident. Phelan or the clerk simply skipped over that by mistake, but when you see Phelan's comments in the Item article you will see that it was deliberate.

Now... here's what bothers me the most. They knew at the beginning of the council meeting that they were not going to address it, right? After all, the clerk had the agenda in front of her and never was there any confusion over whether to skip something or not..... HMMMM??? Now...guess one told Patricia according to the Item. They made Ms. Barton sit in the chambers waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting....


Your city council president should have a bit more class, don't you think? Hope I'm not throwing feathers Tim. Feel free to use the comments for rebuttal.

Anyway, there were some other things discussed of note.

One very funny moment (to me) was when Tim Phelan congratulated Eugene Shneeberg on his new White House job. Relieved Tim? One less challenger. I am still so mad at Lynn for not putting Eugene in office. The people would have had one more vote in Council, we would have almost had the majority of the council representing the people. What a concept? But no... Washington gets Eugene.

I would also like to congratulate Eugene. Lynn will miss you!

 The council then called up Coppinger to talk about the pipe bombs (something he really could not talk about given the ongoing investigation). One important thing to note is that you can text TIP411 with the message "tiplynn " and it's completely anonymous. You can also call 781-477-4444 and remain anonymous if you wish. Anyone with information, please do call. No one has been hurt yet, but let's not wait until someone does get hurt.  If it's urgent or you notice anything suspicious, you are urged to call 911. 

The Public Hearings were not very eventful. There is some kind of wash-dry-fold place coming to downtown lynn. That's all they do, no coin-op or dry cleaning yet their name is "The Dry Cleaner by Val". That won't be confusing.

CUSTOMER: Hi, is this The Dry Cleaner by Val?
THE DRY CLEANER: Yes. How may I help you?
CUSTOMER: I have some dry cleaning i need done.
THE DRY CLEANER: Oh I'm sorry, we don't do that here.
(awkward pause)

Hopefully they are not using Crowley for market research as he apparently doesn't know we already have dry cleaners in Downtown Lynn and told this poor guy that there is probably demand for it here.

The Moral Code of Lynn (aka The Adult Entertainment Ordinance) and an ordinance on waterfront zoning were adopted officially, so... no more butt cracks or turgid states out of doors gentlemen.

At the end of the meeting, Crowley put forth three resolutions asking the council to urge the public to vote no on questions 1, 2, and 3. I'm completely in favor of his stance, but I question my council telling me how to vote. Cahill seemed to have the same question in his mind as he asked legal if it was ok that they were even doing this. :-)

They did it. For some reason Cahill and Lozzi voted in opposition of Questions 1 and 2 but abstained from question 3 (the most important NO on the ballot). Cahill may have had good reason. I'm pretty sure Lozzi just did it because it sounded cool when Cahill did it.

and I thought this was going to be a snorer. They never cease to entertain.

UPDATE: Turns out Cahill had conflict of interest in Question 1 and that's the one he meant to abstain from. He made a mistake. So the real question is for Lozzi. Why would you abstain????? Lozzi?


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