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Decision for U.S. Congress - John

One might think my title disrespectful to the long time representative of the sixth district of Massachusetts, but let me explain. I was asking my mom (graduate of Lynn English and long time resident of Peabody) the other day if she was voting for Tierney.

"Who?," she said.

"Tierney!," I said.

"Oh John! (laugh) Of course, I'm voting for John"

Now, at the time, I didn't think of the significance of what she just said, but now it's so obvious. He has been a presence in our community and he has taken the time with several of his constituents to get to know them and represent them with that knowledge in tow. She feels the use of his last name almost insane!

I personally don't know him to that level, but I hope to someday. I have been able to have a conversation with him directly about affordable housing. We were at Culturefest in Lynn earlier this year. He has been an avid support of Citizens for Adequate Housing. I volunteer on their board and housing is a primary concern of mine. He has worked hard for that cause and his record shows this.

I vote Republican sometimes, although less lately. I know some of my recently made friends may find that surprising, but you all know, that I vote on the person. Not just the person who is going to represent my views, but the person who I think will listen to both sides, evaluate appropriately, and make a decision that is in the best interest of the district.  Believe it or not, sometimes that person is Republican. They aren't all the angry monsters we see on TV.

Bill Hudak, however, seems to be exactly that. He takes a very angry stance and I don't find it constructive at all. He's pro-life and has anti-gay marriage talking points on his campaign site.  I believe his views on the tax code are something you need to look at carefully. Not that it would gain any traction in Congress anyway, but it's certainly worth another look.  During the presidential election, Mr. Hudak placed a sign on his lawn which somehow depicted Obama along with Osama bin Laden. I'm all for free speech and I think it's wonderful that Hudak expresses his views. I just happen to disagree with them and am concerned with the statement they are making about the man and his choices on how to get his point across.

I didn't expect this election to challenge my Judaism, but it's something that this race has made me face. Hudak now has a full Issues page dedicated to his position on Israel. They seem to be trying to paint Tierney as anti-Israel. The most informative article I could find that proves this is completely false, is from an interview with the Jewish Journal in Tierney's own words. Check it out, if this is bothering you. There really is no issue here. Tierney is absolutely pro when it comes to the people of Israel.

I'm voting for the man so many call John. I'm voting for the man I've seen in Lynn several times during this campaign (haven't seen Hudak once). I'm voting for the man I can stand behind. Tierney is the better choice for Lynn.

Election Day is November 2nd.

John Tierney for U.S. Congress

REMINDER: No on All 3 Questions!


  1. You make no case whatsoever that Tierney is pro-Israel, you just post a couple of links and leave it to the reader to decide. If you're going to make such as statement, then you at least owe it to the passers-by to give your analysis.

    The truth is, the world has changed, and Israel is under an even greater threat than it ever has been in the modern past... but Tierney's actions regarding Israel are not merely lackluster, they're downright questionable.

    There's many more who disagree with you... more than you know

  2. ps. a close relative helped get Tierney elected a few elections ago, and a close friend helped run his office on another campaign... but things have changed and John could have come up with a nice list of all the good he's done for us but instead, he chose to avoid many of us and wait until the last few weeks to spew negative ads... like a typical politician.

    Hudak is not a typical politician. Rough around the edges, a little. Did his enthusiasm for wanting to see Obama not be president get ahead of him a little, yes... but ever since those lawn signs, Hudak's run a great, honorable campaign. Ask yourself why Tierney is in the 40% area when he used to be in the 60s...

  3. I thought the words of the Congressman himself would help people make up their own minds. This is a blog and is my opinion. For me, sitting down with the journal and explaining his two questionable votes is not avoiding the issue.

    He calls out Israel and the U.S. as close allies

    He agrees with the sentiments and statements in the Hoyer-Cantor letter reinforcing the strong support for a US-Israeli partnership

    He supports the right of Israel to defend itself from terrorist attack.

    The reasons he personally states for his votes on these two issues do not sound anti-Israel to me. They sound valid in terms of having enough time to be able to digest a 550 page report before voting in support of it and not getting behind something that he viewed as having a tone unsuitable coming from the United States government.

    I see nothing that turns me republican this race. Especially on this non-issue.

  4. This deserves to be its own post. Letter to the editor?

  5. here are a few things abt. Tierney's stance on Israel. Most people that I know who strongly support Israel view John Tierney's actions (or lack thereof) as an extremely anti-Israeli stance:

    Tierney voted "Present" on the condemnation of the Goldstone report,

    Tierney signed the Keith Ellison letter to Obama to urge Israel to lift Gaza blockade, (The Blockade is a national security necessity for Israel)

    Tierney did NOT sign the Cantor/Hoyer letter to Secty. Clinton reaffirming US/Israel Alliance


    Tierney did NOT sign the Poe/Peters letter to Obama expressing strong support for Israel's right to defend herself..


    The Emergency Committee for Israel PAC is dedicated to advancing a strong and mutually beneficial alliance between the United States and Israel by educating voters about political candidates whose views are inconsistent with the pro-Israel values of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

  6. Hudak is not a typical politician.he is in it for the money only?


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