Friday, October 8, 2010

Lessons from South Park - Part II - Anyone got some spray paint? I see a pitbull home that isn't marked!!!!

In the episode on cat banning I mentioned yesterday, Cartman is forced to hide Mr Kitty in his attic. To the sound of Israeli music, he brings the cat upstairs, tells Mr. kitty to start a diary, and closes the attic door. Later on in the episode he is visited by another woman who heard Cartman was hiding cats. Same familiar Israeli underscoring.

Some could get offended by this if you were not looking for the lesson being slapped in your face. I converted to Judaism about 8 years ago and I was sitting there wondering if they should be going there. The more I see Lynn City Council meetings, the more I see history's mistakes being repeated. Granted the pit bull ordinance is in no way shape or form comparable to the atrocities of World War II, but the parallels are a bit concerning.

During the public hearing on this, Crowley asked if we were going to force owners to wear red armbands so we would know their dog was aggressive training certified and exempt from the ordinance. While that doesn't seem to be the current thinking they are looking to possibly put a certain color collar on the certified dogs (this is borderline ok), but they are also looking at requiring owners to mark their homes to identify them as what?...evildoers?...people to be avoided?... for owning a specific breed.

They haven't met our cat, but if they did, no doubt we would be expanding this ordinance to dangerous cats. I wonder if they'd have to mark my whole building or just the fifth floor as a place where the unwanted live?

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