Friday, October 15, 2010

Traveling Piano Brings All Kinds Together in Downtown Lynn

Last night something very simple helped to do a rather complicated thing. How do you bring all the different people of Lynn together?

... from teenager to retiree
... from life long Lynn politician to new loft resident
... from business owner to unemployed
... from all cultures

Well you could just put a piano on the street?

And that's just what the people at SPIN decided to do. It was amazing how well it worked for a first trial. People walking by stopped to check it out or simply stared with a "What the hell is going on?" kind of face. The police decided not to shut it down as they viewed it as an incredibly positive idea for the community.

Around 5:30, it was Lynner's after work around the piano. As it got a little later the crowd grew and was mostly made up of Lynn teenagers from all different backgrounds. A little later the Downtown residents started walking through on their way to Neighborfest.

Everyone left with a smile on their face!

Thank you to Kelly Wall, Mark DeJoie, and the people at SPIN for bringing that to our community. I can't wait for the next one!

Look for the Traveling Piano on the City Hall Steps as you arrive for The Rat Pack at Lynn Auditorium on November 5th!

Kelly Wall from SPIN sits with a girl who came by before her piano lesson

Juan Gonzales, executive chef at Fernando's, is digging the live music!
Kevin Kennedy from Shufflemode takes a request for some Van Morrison.


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