Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday - Shop Lynn!

Most people laugh at me when I say I am going to do all my Christmas shopping in Lynn this year. It's not as hard as you think. While I plan on doing most of my shopping in legit independently owned small businesses, that will fail to pull in the necessary hot gift for the nieces. Tis ok, we have Gamespot on market street. We have Wal-Mart on the Lynnway. They pay taxes to Lynn and I hope they remain here while we build on the existence of such successful chains in Downtown Lynn.

Now that I've pretty much alienated a good section of my audience, here is where I actually want you to consider shopping.

TLGUTS - Awesome ceramics show. A serious way to support a local gallery and pick up some amazing quality platters, serving dishes, and place settings. OPEN on Friday from 10AM-4PM!!!!

LynnArts - Holiday sale is in effect. They might be open on Black Friday. I assume they will be open on Saturday from 10-4. The show runs until Dec 30th.

I can fully endorse the two above shows, as I have already purchased holiday gifts from both. You must get to 25 Exchange Street and make it a special holiday for those on your list.

Zimmans is alive and well on Market Street in Lynn. When you walk in the front door you are assaulted with fabric. Cool, but not as cool as the 2nd and third floors of Zimmans that most people don't even know exists. Check it out! Amazing stuff! Furniture, art, etc.

Go to brunch at Mildred's on Lewis St. After brunch, get a gift or two in their gift shop next to the diner. It is a phenomenal gift shop and you will find something you just have to have.

Pennyworths on Boston Street claims they have Uggs and North Face stock. I have not been inside yet, but it's worth a try. Right next door is Big Lots which has a lot of great bargains. We've got a lot of cool random stuff there.

Turbine is offering up a free gift with every $25 gift card purchased. At least they were last time I checked.

Blue Ox has gift cards as well that would be an incredible gift for anyone on your list who lives nearby.

Lynnway Liquors has that exact bottle of wine or craft beer you are looking for for that discerning palette on your list.

CVS on Boston Street. Walgreens on Union Street will certainly have those stocking stuffers you are in need of.

Omar and Oscar has some great jewelry and watches. They are located in Central Square across from turbine. Great people. Check them out this holiday season!

Shop Lynn! If we're in this to win it, why spend our money somewhere else. Make it your challenge as I've made it mine, to try to stay within our borders this holiday shopping season. Make these storefronts stay full. You are fully in control of our destiny this holiday season. Shop Lynn. Shop Local. Our future depends on it.


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