Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Developing Downtown - Any closer to 500?

Out my back window I get to watch the progress of the Lynn Community Health Center and soon the new KIPP project up next to High Rock. Out my front window we will soon be able to see the tops of the cranes working on the All Care VNA building at the corner of Market and route 1A. I hear they break ground right after Thanksgiving.

In the Item today we had Jim Cowdell calling the Athanas family to task. Join us in a successful plan for the old Hawthorne eyesore or GET OUT OF OUR WAY!! The area needs a city overhaul or we might as well give up on trying to sell 14 Central.

Can I ask something though? Can we look at the plans for this area of the Downtown first? Can we NOT put another health care facility or service oriented building down here? Can we finally ADD to the momentum? Re-read the plans for the Arts & Cultural district. Re-read the Market St. strategic plan. Re-read the Washington street gateway plan. More lofts, more artist live/work space. Another restaurant along the lines of the Ox with a different fare. Still waiting for my BBQ restaurant. First floor retail/gallery space with residential/commercial on upper floors.

As we develop this space and future space Downtown, we should ask ourselves everyday, "Is this getting us closer to 500?"



  1. with a new sign plz that says welcome to Lynn :(

    how depressing the lack of vision

  2. When were the drawings reviewed by the community for the VNA?
    Did I miss this?

  3. Nope. Shawn potter gave his word to keep the neighborhood in the loop. He's got an awful quiet way of doing that.


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