Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Food Project Will Be Staying at the Ingalls School

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of the Food Project tonight. Again, the only opposition in the room was Ms. Puleo and the same person who spoke last month.

The videos I captured have a public input session where they allowed for three people to speak in favor and three against (only two people spoke against, the same two from last meeting). I am currently uploading these videos, but they probably won't be up until tomorrow.

The opposition simply has lies, the Food Project has truth and a lot of good solid community improvements on its side. It was so clear to everybody in that audience of about 40 people, 38 of which applauded ferociously when the school committee voted to renew the lease at Ingalls school.

It now goes into negotiations between the Food Project and The School Committee where they will work out any compromise around lights, camera, gates, fences, size of garden, and background checks for all who work the farm. I hope the school committee researches a lot more about the rat problem in Lynn before it spends so much money appeasing the squeaky wheel.

Nice work, School Committee. Now, let's stand behind the Food Project in these negotiations and show them how important they are in our urban revival.

Videos will be posted tomorrow.


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