Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Mic Videos from Last Night's Vote to Renew the Ingalls School Farm

They allowed for three people to speak in favor of the farm at Ingall's School last night.

They then allowed for those in opposition to speak. I would feel bad for this woman if she didn't constantly lie and deceive the public with her rhetoric. She only made headway this year because she added rats to her list of false claims about the garden. YES - she has tried before to shut down the garden. Unreasonable, unfair, anti-community behavior like this should not be tolerated in our city. Listen for yourself.

The actual School Committee session was supposed to up on (it's a little long for Youtube), but did not successfully upload. I will hopefully have that up by tonight.

The subcommittee moved the issue to full committee for a vote to renew the lease with the following stipulations:

1. Higher Fence
2. Lighting
3. Cameras
4. Background checks for all working on farm (a little much for a group of volunteer children)
5. Reduce the size of garden  (hoping this just means pulling the garden back from puleo's fence a tiny bit)

They will now go into negotiations with the Food Project on the lease. I hope they now go into business mode and treat The Food Project like the positive business partner they are. They deserve more from us. Shame on us for letting one woman lie to her neighbors and undo so much that The Food Project has done for the City of Lynn. Now, we go about our business and continue to laud the efforts of one of the greatest assets the City Of Lynn has in it's arsenal for urban renewal. Three Cheers to the Food Project and may you someday have a farm at every school in Lynn!


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  1. The best way to upload to blip is through their FTP. Every blip account has FTP access. Make sure it's under 1gb. I've had the best results from h.264/mp4 files at 640x360(for 16x9), 24fps (which they also recommend).


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