Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ratgate 2010 - The Truth

I love that the Item electronic version posts at 12 midnight. I'm probably the only dork that regularly goes to my computer after midnight to check it out, but if you're like me, you might want to drop the $10/month to be able to check it out.

Saturday's paper has a great look into the petition that you all signed. The 149 signatures and growing on our petition to save the Ingalls School Farm, are from those who know the truth and seek to find a solution to Ms. Puleo's problems that aren't ridiculous. Closing the farm is not a solution to anyone's problem. Although Ms. Puleo believes it is, it is proven that it is not. Look at the facts presented to the school committee at last months meeting. Report from consultants from Boston. Our health inspector isn't even in support of shutting down the garden.  Councilors Cyr and Trahant requested to shut down the farm. I ask on what grounds? Since, all of there accusations seem unfounded.  Rats in the farm? Nope, no signs of rats as this article points out. Vandalism and gangs? Nope, actually things have improved at the school since the garden was placed there.

So now what?

I've learned from the School Committee Secretary that the petition will be shared with the committee on November 12th. The last time they viewed it, it had 80 signatures. We've nearly doubled that. Please sign prior to the 12th. 

The next school committee meeting will be held on November 17th and they are expected to take up the lease renewal question at this meeting.  Not sure if there will be time allotted for public hearing, but we all should be there regardless.

Read the front page of the Item today. The truth might help in this debate. I'm all for finding a solution to the city's rat problem. Out city's farms are not the issue.


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  1. I'm a dork too then, I guess. Thank you, for putting together a petition. I wish I could sign it twice, to add in more comments.


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