Monday, November 1, 2010

Senator Thomas McGee - Tom McGee - Tommy

I haven't always been a Tom McGee fan, but that all had to do with his support of Chip Clancy. Now that the Chipster is out of the way, I've been able to see Tom in a new light. He is a Lynner and a proud Lynner at that.. He understands the challenges for his disctrict. He sees Lynn as part of the solution to a better North Shore, not part of the problem. He sees Lynn as a transportation hub for North of Boston. He believes in the Blue line expansion and while that gets stalled by various opponents, he has moved on to get us the beginning money towards a ferry on our new Waterfront.

Christopher Dent seems like a great guy and is very smart. Very well spoken on all the issues. Once again, I have no issue with voting for a republican, but this particular one seems to have it all wrong when it comes to how to help Lynn. Dent believes we should bring the sales tax down to 3%. This means less local aid for Lynn no matter how you slice it. Dent believes in the 2nd amendment, as do most of us, but he seems to want to make it a lot cheaper to obtain and use your lethal weapon of choice for deadly purposes. Awful dangerous when your district includes the 9th largest city in Massachusetts and has a significant number of gang members within its borders.

Tom McGee places a high priority on jobs in the commonwealth. He sees the ferry as a stimulus to our Waterfront and thus a creator of hundreds of jobs both in construction and continuing on to the new businesses that make the Waterfront their home.. He has a vision that will go well beyond what anyone has hoped for on that land. He works closely and very well with our State Rep, Steve Walsh.. Tom McGee does not give up on the Blue Line Extension to Lynn (and eventually Salem), because it makes sense. At some point it will become a reality as Salem continues to grow and Lynn continues its growth in its Downtown area. As reported in the Melrose Patch article about one of the McGee/Dent debates, Dent just believes the Blue Line is impractical. That doesn't cut it for this Downtown Lynner. I guess this explains why we haven't really seen Mr. Dent campaigning down here. When it comes to our kids, Tom gets it. He has served on several sub committees for After School and Out of School programs. This is how we turn some lives around in Lynn and all over the North Shore.

I don't vote Democrat or Republican, I vote for the person I believe in and what's good for Lynn . I believe in Tom McGee and there's no doubt in my mind that he's the right choice for Lynn.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, Don't forget to Vote on November 2nd!!!


REMINDER: John Tierney of US Congress

REMINDER: No on Questions 1,2 and 3

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