Thursday, November 25, 2010


Readers, this has been a great year. I'm incredibly thankful that you continue to find value in the community we all are creating in Downtown Lynn. This year, more than any other in recent history, we have seen a big uptick in momentum. That can only mean good things in store for the future. 2008, this blog had 2 visitors a month, 2009 we were up to 700 a month, and as of today, we're approaching 2000 unique visitors a month.You're not only reading, you're contributing with your comments and your actions. This year brought us a new wine bar, Arts After Hours, Traveling Piano, Aquaponics, a strong season at Lynn Auditorium, a successful chili cookoff at LynnArts, a newly engaged Lynn Museum, and one of my favorite additions to our downtown, Fernando's and Chef Juan Gonzales. While it might not seem it at times, we have a lot for which we can be thankful. Here is my top ten. Leave what I left off in the comments.

10. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy for telling the people on boards and committees for the city to PICK ONE.

9. Brendan Crighton, Peter Capano, and Dan Cahill for supporting Downtown Lynn vocally and by showing up down here! We see you and it means something!  

8. Jamie Marsh and Lynn Auditorium for continuing to embrace community and quality in everything you do. The slate of performers coming up is amazing. Big shout out to Jamie for setting up a movie night for the Downtown, office hours for downtowners to come and share their concerns, and hosting many nights at High Rock for Lynners to enjoy a most precious treasure.

7. The School Committee's renewal of the Food Project Lease at Ingall's School

6. Chiefs Coppinger and Carmody and all of our men and women in uniform for all they do to keep our great city as safe as possible.

5.Lynn Museum for an amazing year of programming bringing forward the great families of Lynn on display and in attendance. Lynnarts for some great family programming including an awesome chili cook-off. I would pay big money to get my hands on Matt O'neill's chili again. :-)

4.Turbine Wine Bar for taking a chance on Central Square and providing us with a nightly source of entertainment where we can hang out, drink amazing wine, and eat some incredible pizza with some of the best neighbors on the North Shore.

3. The Little Gallery Under the Stairs for promoting local artists as well as bringing international artists to Lynn gallery walls. For building community with music improv nights, writing nights, and partnering with and to bring more people out in support of local artists at Arts After Hours.

2. SPIN for their incredible work to help those in need of financial assistance and various initiatives to build community with the amazing support of the United Way Massachusetts Bay.

1. Juan Gonzales - Free Thanksgiving Meals for those in need, Cultural Programming on Munroe Street, and one killer Cuban Sandwich.

  Check out last year's Top 10 list.

Thanks everyone for making Downtown Lynn that much better in 2010. Have a safe and happy Holiday season and remember to SHOP LYNN this December. 


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