Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Urban Living Series - Launches Today

It's rare I get to talk about my other passion on this blog, technology. It's where I spend 9-5 and is something that I think lends itself well to urban life. Gadgets, gizmos, social media, web and software development seem to be something a lot of us are passionate about, at least from what I see in Downtown Lynn.

Something else I see as a common thread is people working for causes or at least people who are vocal about certain causes, charities, events, or social issues.

Today, Chris Hughes, former co-founder of Facebook launched The site is a sort of social media site for the non-profit world. Seems to be a cool place for the socially minded to hang out. It's having some growing pains as it's been featured on some of the most high profile sites for social media and tech news today, but I was  able to play around with it a bit before work.

The integration with Facebook seems tight as it pulls in your info, and your Facebook Page info if you set up an organization. I set up Arts After Hours on it today. In this day and age of so many non-profits needing to partner with one another to create some special opportunities and solutions to common problems, this site could prove very beneficial in that discovery and sharing process.

I look forward to using it more and more over the next few weeks once they figure out their scaling issues and start adding functionality to make it chattier on Facebook and more easy to collaborate with other non-profits.


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