Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Walking the Walk

I'm sitting here looking at the list of signatures on the mailing list for Arts After Hours and I see Peter Capano's name on top. This got me thinking about how much I see him in the Downtown area, supporting local businesses and coming to Downtown events.

In a campaign speech last year, Dan Cahill talked about how we have to figure out ways to entice more of Lynn's 90,000 to do business in their own Downtown. Dan is another one I bump into regularly down here. Most recently, I got to chat with him at The Blue Ox. He had just had dinner at Casa Antigua down the street.

Recently, I've begun to notice incredible support from the Mayor's office at local events, mostly from Mary Chalmers. Arts After Hours, Central Scare, Lynn Auditorium... you name it, you'll see Mary. While it's enough to just attend and be present and spend some dough Downtown, Mary is usually taking it a step further and volunteering for these events.

At our last Arts After Hours event, we had a flood of new volunteers to help us out.

Lynn Museum, RAW Art Works, and LynnArts are alive with event after event.

SPIN has come to life not only in their amazing support of those in need with financial services through the United Way Stability Center, but with their great work getting out in to the community with the Traveling Piano and Aquaponics projects. 

The Community Health Center is starting to take shape as they build up several floors of steel beams. Great to see real development downtown in a perfect location.

Have you been Downtown recently?

I haven't talked about Fernando's a lot recently, but let me tell you, I am still there once a week at least and Juan continues to amaze me with his skills. Tatiana's, Turbine Wine Bar and The Blue Ox are full speed ahead. Casa Antigua and Lupita Restaurant are brand new.

Last year, I had a Blue Ox gift certificate in the Citizens for Adequate Housing auction. Not a lot of people knew about the place and it didn't get the value I had hoped. This year, it was bid up by several bidder numbers. The people who won it are from Boston and wanted to come to Lynn to finally check these places out that they have been hearing so much about.

What we are doing is working! Every single Downtowner has a hand in this and more and more we're seeing people walk the walk.

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