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That's quite a number. As the Mayor got up in front of 2100 people last night, it got me thinking more about the genius of Lynn Auditorium. Jamie Marsh has done so much as a one man band over the years, but this month's success needs to be lauded! Two sellout crowds brought to our Downtown. That's 4200 people that would not otherwise be down here in December.  Jamie, along with the Mayor's incredible support, is hitting a few home runs as of late. Great exposure for our Mayor, incredible support for our Downtown businesses, and ultimately our tax revenue from Downtown.

Last night's Kenny Rogers concert was something special. He was interactive with the crowd. I never realized how funny he is. They did a video montage of Christmas music sung by people around Lynn and within City Hall. They had children choirs and the most adorable little girls on stage. Not sure if they were from Lynn or just Massachusetts but cute nonetheless. He played all the right hits and a great selection of his Christmas music. A wonderful night and everyone left happy.

Some people in the audience were "happier" than others. We really have a heckling problem in Lynn Auditorium. I've noticed it at a few events. When the performer is talking it's not ok to keep screaming randomly at him. When he's singing a ballad, it's not ok to be shouting names of other songs you want to hear. It's rude! If it were Phelan up there, I'd allow it, but no one else. ;-)  Maybe we should up the prices of the beer a little bit. OOOhh!! That just gave me another idea. They should serve alcohol at City Council meetings that have public hearings!!! :-) They don't listen to us anyway, why not make it more amusing for the cameras. (Disclaimer: This is a joke to all you about to click on the comment button).

If we were a bit smarter, we'd be capturing more of these 4200 leads and converting them into Downtown customers. How many of those 4200 people knew where Turbine, Lupita Restaurant, Tatiana's, Old Tyme Italian, The Blue Ox, Casa Antigua, and Antique Table are located? We should develop signage or a program/handout to give to all that has the details of everything else going on downtown with a good map of our One Way street hell maze. Program could pay for itself with the ad revenue it could generate.

For the next few concerts, it would be awesome to have several publicized after-party events around the city.   Let's take 20% of these sellout crowds and get them to stay Downtown. No need to go home at 10:30 when we can suck money out of them until 1.

I'll leave you with a few short clips from last night. Hope you got out to see it and if you didn't, stop missing out. It's time to discover Downtown Lynn and be a part of this. It is happening.



  1. Looks like a great night. I wouldn't blame Lynn for the heckling. It happened to Neil Young when I saw him play a Valentine's Day Show in NYC back in '92 at the fancy Beacon Theatre.
    It's not the classiness of the city or the venue. It's how many hits the artist had that drunken yokels want to hear.

    It sucked to hear the most awesome version of "After the Gold Rush" ever played on a kind of portable pipe organ, interrupted by people looking like they crawled out of the woods yelling "Southern Man" over and over.

    It's just something that happens..some kinds of music attract those people more than others..and the price some artists pay for having successful careers.

  2. There has been talk about further utilization of the City Hall Memorial auditorium for many years. It is a wonderful venue and I'm very pleased to see it's usage expanded. The Rotary Club of Lynn, with the excellent efforts of our member at the time, Loretta Cuffe O'Donnel had a variety show with local talent performing. Paul Floyd also Emc-ed and performed. A wonderful time was had by all and The Rotary Club of Lynn made enough money to fund our scholarship fund for that year.We appreciate the support that the Lynn community gives The Rotary Club of Lynn. Thanks as always!

  3. I am really happy at what a wonderful success the concerts are - Jamie is to be congratulated. Where can I find the profit made on them and how is the revenue being spent? Any idea what percent of the patrons are Lynn residents? Maybe the Heritage State Park on the waterfront can be used for concerts in the summer too!


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