Wednesday, December 8, 2010

33 Central - Fully Detroit-ed Up

Thanks Zee Mah! You have made your building safer.  For that, I and other residents attached to your eyesore are grateful.  If what you tell our readers in your comments is true, you never had a buyer ..... and you couldn't afford to fix your storefront correctly and be reimbursed by Jamie Marsh's OECD facade program.

Unfortunately, this boarding up of all your windows, really doesn't cut it. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Ain't that how the old story goes.

They conveniently took the letter down or it too has been covered by a board. Interesting decorating technique. Glad I snapped a shot of that before it was too late.

The non-functioning sprinkler system, the decaying floors and ceiling, the mold issues, the red X signaling danger for our men in uniform... are still quite a problem for the surrounding buildings. 

Next steps, Mr. Mah?  And no... I don't mean taking RAW from their important work to bandaid your problem. I mean a real next step.  I have to imagine our city leaders are wanting to help you. If they are not... we need to know... so we can jump all over them. I've heard what they've been doing though, and to me, it still feels like you are the issue.

On second thought... you know..... this Detroit look could be good for some Eminem music videos. Maybe we now have a shot with his location scouts....

I'll contact them and let you know.


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