Friday, December 3, 2010

33 Central - We Can't Take it Any MAH!

33 Central continues to get vandalized and further boarded up. Zee Mah and his property are making Central Square look like Detroit. City leaders have met with Mr. Mah and offered our facade program and even found an interested buyer. All efforts have fallen apart. It's completely ridiculous.

Lucky for us, we have some pretty amazing city officials looking out for our Downtown. According to the letter posted on 33 Central Sq, after complaints yesterday about the second vandalism of this property, inspectors were sent to the property from ISD. Jim Cowdell, Jamie Marsh, and Michael Donovan are to be thanked for this fast action. They believe in the importance of our safety. They believe in our downtown revitalization efforts.  Here is what I saw on the property last night.

Danger to life and limb?

No functioning sprinkler system?

Floors and ceilings collapsing?

Now... let's think this through... To the left is Raw Art Works, home of several children and an active urban youth art program that is nationally known. To the right is East Coast Karate and our beloved Columbia Insurance owned by John Olson. East Coast Karate teaches several children karate classes and a class for kids with autism.

So... what do we think? Is it good that this building is in the middle of these two locations and not far from one of the cornerstones of the downtown residential movement, 7 Central Square.

The past two months have seen two vandalism attempts. We've seen this played out in the news before. Homeless gain access to abandoned property with known absentee owners and set up camp for the winter. Yes, they will be trying to keep warm. You all know what that means? We've all seen Lynn's history. We relived a part of it when the Andrew Street lot went up in flames a few years ago. We're lucky no one was hurt and that wasn't connected to residential units. I don't want that to happen to one side of Central Square, do you?

If you can't read the letter here, read it at 33 Central. This is just a picture I took of the letter posted on the window. The Red X above the letters is to let the fire department know that the building is structurally unsafe to enter. They might anyways if our lives are in danger, but come on???

Zee, Clean this property up and get back into compliance with mass state law or get out of our Downtown!



  1. I will have the property secured with plywood next week. Where is that qualified buyer????? Get me a contractor who will do the store front for $4000 he can start the job tomorrow.

  2. I'm sorry, but plywood is not an acceptable solution. I don't know anything about a buyer, but as a "responsible business owner" (whether occupied or not) it is your duty to provide a safe and secure store front. The mural was an improvement, but still not enough. At least The Mayo Group has For Rent/For Sale signs in their vacant store fronts.

    Hopefully once the fines start pilling up you will take the necessary action. Yes you will have to spend some money to either develop or fix up the building so it can be sold, but if done right you could eventually make your money back, and win back the respect of your neighbors and the city officials.

  3. Glass for $4K! I think that's an easy sell. I just want the plywood gone. It's already there. Our tax dollars paid for it.

  4. Good suggestions, do you have money to loan or know where I can get a loan?

  5. It's completely boarded up today. It'll keep people out, but it's just as ugly.

    Just keep in mind, if we criticize one boarded up window, we should criticize them all. There's a boarded up door on the other side of the street with a few tags on it. They need a citation, too.

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