Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is A New Council President!!!

Wow! What a delight to turn on my phone this morning and see that Phelan has a competitor for the council presidency, Dan Cahill. It's like Christmas came early!!!

Can Councilor Cahill pull this off?? I'm extremely proud of our Ward 5 Councilor, Brendan Crighton, for standing proudly behind a man he believes in, Dan Cahill.

To make this easy to understand, here are my Top 5 reasons why Cahill should lead the council. It's fairly obvious to me, but based on voting tallies of recent elections, I don't think Lynn is thinking this through correctly:

5. Open and Transparent - Cahill is always up front and honest with you. You can have a reasonable conversation with Cahill and not feel spoken to, but listened to. I can't say the same for Phelan. Recall, my visit to the principal's office. While confused at that time, I now know exactly why I was brought into that office. Phelan thought having public hearings where decisions seemed already made, was open and transparent. We had to suggest they put agendas online and then go back again and suggest they put the minutes online. I would LOVE to see the day when an open forum for the citizens returns to the council sessions. Today we play by Phelan's rules. Those in favor followed by those against with no opportunity for rebuttal.  If we really want Common Cause, Phelan is not our path towards it. Cahill is our leader on that charge!

4. Present - I don't mean at council sessions. They are both always there. As a matter of fact, that podium is the only place I have ever seen Phelan (besides the principals office). I have never seen him at LynnArts, Lynn Museum, RAW Arts, Arts After Hours, Neighborfest (once when Clancy gave his nuetral speech, but not since), Downtown restaurants, Election Day. Where is he? I think he lives in Ward One. Does anyone ever see him out around there?   Cahill on the other hand is at EVERYTHING! On election day this year, he ran around this city like a madman getting out the vote. He wasn't running for anything, but I saw him out there, freezing his ass off, getting done what was needed for Lynn in this years races.

3. Votes and Debates - Cahill was on the right side of the pitbull ordinance, Phelan was not. Cahill got all the right compromises in to the bill, Phelan fought them tooth and nail.  Cahill was on the right side of the entertainment ordinance, Phelan wasted our time bringing it forward in the first place. The end result being a restriction on the arts in our community. Phelan wished to stall the Leblanc case instead of moving along some sensible path. Cahill and Crighton understand how the state level works and knew this was a waste of Lynn's time and effort. Phelan seems to always be focused on stuff that doesn't matter.

2. Respect - From what I have seen, Phelan seems to hold grudges. What was up with the treatment of Patricia Barton at that first council session when her whole family was there to see her sworn in? If you buy Phelan's explanation on that, I have some land on the waterfront to sell ya. What is up with the spat between our Mayor and the Council President. That relationship is beyond repair and it's time to put someone at the helm who is willing to work with our elected Mayor, Judy Flanagan Kennedy.

1. Leadership - All of this comes down to a strong and powerful leader. I believe you lead by action. I do not believe you lead by preaching from the platform and getting what you want behind closed doors. I want an open, transparent leader who partakes in what Lynn has to offer, comes down on the correct side of issues, and leads this council with the respect and dignity we all deserve in this great city.

The man for the job is Dan Cahill!!!!

Call your councilors today and ask them to get thee behind Dan.  Ward 5, you are off the hook on this assignment, Brendan Crighton has already backed the right man!


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