Friday, December 17, 2010

How to get a 2-night vacation to Ward 1 Absolutely FREE

We've all heard about Ward 1. It's that beautiful land of milk and honey just on the other side of Wyoma Square (or something like that). I call it Ward ONEderful with love. I mean that. It's one of the many aspects of Lynn that make us very unique. Since we shackle our city employees to Lynn, a lot of them choose Ward One. Great looking homes, great people, and pretty good schools from what I hear. There is Gannon Country Club and one of the entrances to Lynn Woods. There is amazing access to route 1, route 128, and 95. I suppose that last point may be the reason our major hospital happens to be in Ward One. It makes little sense to me that it is not Downtown. The feeling was only magnified when I saw the other "customers" in the ER. I think it's clear where the need is. Also, wouldn't it be better to have quick access to Boston for transport via 1A? what do I know? City Council always does the opposite of what I think is right.

I checked in on Friday night with chest pain. Not a cool deal for a 30something, so I was concerned. It turns out not to be heart related so no worries. This post will not be about me, just my experience at Union Hospital. I've heard it's a very good hospital. My experience perfectly matched my expectation and as you know, I always shop Lynn. :)

I had two incredible docs in the ER. Very thorough and were able to put me at ease pretty quickly with a series of well executed tests. My favorite experience was the catscan. I think they referred to the guy running the machine as Jack. He was very funny in his explanation of how the injection was going to make me feel. I was glad for the warning. Anyone who has had a catscan probably knows what I am talking about.

A second ER doc visited me a little later in the night and we talked about favorite wines. Not sure if he was trying to figure out if I was an alcoholic or not, but it was a fun conversation. I told him about the white wines we like. He told me to drink red. So...doctors orders!!! :)

The nursing staff was incredible... Every single person I came across. I'm not going to try to remember names. Always made me feel comfortable and I always had everything I needed. The hospital seems very well staffed and run on all fronts.
I guess my only complaint was waiting an extra day for the stress test because no one was there to do it. I think I could have come home on Sunday if that could have happened. It was very nice to wake up to my PCP, Steven Lefkowitz. He happens to be a cardiologist, so it was good to hear from him that he didn't suspect my heart at all. He's connected to union hospital in an adjoining building. Great doc who I need to listen to more. ;)

Let's talk about the food. I know what you're thinking and I'm about to lose all cred as a food reviewer. Now, I should probably start off with the fact that I don't recommend a casual visit to the Hospital cafeteria, but the food brought to my bed was excellent. Lunch on the first day was a Chicken Marsala. For those who know me, its my go to dish when nothing else interests me. The sauce was decent and it was a low fat diet they had me on so none of the good stuff in the sauce. For dinner, they served a turkey meal with some sort of sauce that tasted like the stuff in pot pies. It was so good! Mondays breakfast was some pretty good French toast. Always had veggies and fruit. Something I sometimes don't do at home. I kind of wanted to stay through one more meal. No joke!

The experience was a delight beyond the pain and annoyance of the event. To be honest, it was kind of nice to just lay in a bed for a few days; a luxury I don't enjoy very often in life.

Thank you Union Hospital.


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  1. Hi Corey, glad to hear that it wasn't heart related and that you are okay!

    Scott Marlow


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