Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maybe It's Just Me, But It Seems the Media Has Been Misled!

I saw a rat in Downtown Lynn. That was four years ago.

We have a rat problem in other areas of Lynn. Mostly due to foreclosed properties and absentee landlords.

How does an article like this one get published in the goddamn Boston Globe?

I can list out our main issues.  You all can.

Economic Development

Rats might fall somewhere around #20 on the list.

Why is the Boston Globe chiming in to the rat problem in Lynn? Is that really the image we want to be promoting to the rest of the state? Councilor Cyr, Councilor Trahant? Any comment here?
 Think about your actions over the last few months.

Certain residents of Ward Two...think about your actions!!! You have done this.


Someday, we'll get in the Boston Globe for a good reason and it won't be thanks to any of you.

We definitely have a rat problem. I just wonder if they are of the animal variety.


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  1. I feel your anger Tom and Jerry. One of my dogs was parading around the backyard with a dead rat just the other day. She was so pleased.


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