Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Power of the Paper Used for Such Good This Time of Year! - Support Item Santa!

Its funny, I had asked the folks over at the Item to send me a blurb about Item Santa so I could write about it and get you guys going on donating to this important philanthropic effort run by our paper every year. 

I was having trouble figuring out how I wanted to write about this special charity... Then, Thursday night happened.

I went to the tree lighting at City Hall Square and there was Peter Gammage (The big cheese over at the Item) freezing his ass off with the rest of us, speaking at the microphone about this time of year and enjoying the singing, playing and talking to Santa about renewing his subscription (ok maybe not that last one...)

After the tree was lit, I headed over to Central Square for the second lighting of the night. Santa had just arrived from city hall, a DJ was playing Christmas tunes and cracking jokes at the mic, kids were decorating ornaments for the tree at LynnArts, and there was Phil. That's right, Phil! Phil was standing there with a big smile on his face and a ladle in his hand. Phil was serving chowder, out in the freezing cold of central square. The chowder was donated by Sidekim Foods and The Porthole and was being served with joy by your general manager of the Daily Item.

Shoot on over one block away and you would have found Brad Spiegel, the managing editor of the paper, taking in the newest installment of Lynn Legacies at the Lynn Museum.

Now, they will be the first to say, that this isn't about them. Item Santa is about the families who desperately need your help during this season to put proper clothing on their children, good meals on their tables, and toys under their trees. I was excited to see such civic involvement from our leaders at the Item in that 1,2,3 punch as I traveled around our Downtown Thursday night. Perhaps this has always been the case, but it seems more visible this time of year just when so many need it most.

Last year Item Santa raised $116,600, the fourteenth consecutive year the drive exceeded $100,000.I think we can do better than that.

Download and print out the form and then send it or drop it off at The Daily Item, 38 Exchange St., P.O. Box 951, Lynn, MA 01903.


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