Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Men Rescued from Garage on the Lynnway

Upate 9:00: Deputy Chief McDonald just did a great job with the press. He is reporting that the two men in the vehicle are out, on their way to Mass General for observation, and seem physically ok. They had to dig 3 feet of snow off the roof and take them out through the roof. Amazing job by the Lynn Fire Department. He's urging all of us with flat roofs to get the snow off of them. These roofs are not meant for this type of load.

UPDATE 8:30: Hearing through Facebook that both men that were trapped were able to walk out of the GLSS garage. Sounds like this could be good news.

This morning a roof collapsed in the Garelick complex on the Lynnway (GLSS garage?). Although it is on the Eastbound side, it's causing even more delays on an already snowy commute in to work today. Stay home!

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