Friday, January 14, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Chefs of Lynn Are All-Knowing Food Gods!

Have you met these architects of culinary utopia? Most of them are even more than chefs, they are business owners in our growing Downtown. Lately, I've been doing something I never thought I'd be doing when it comes to food. I've been putting it all in their hands. When I walk into Fernando's, I just look at Juan and say, "Whatever you want to make me." Out comes some of the most fantastic food that I never would have experienced otherwise. If you're ever lucky enough to be in there when Juan has a burger on his lunch special, buy 10 of them! They are truly amazing. You'll only be able to eat one, but you can keep the other 9 as mementos of the time you ate the best burger of your life! He is a master of special ingredients.

Today, a lot of you came out to Supreme To Go on Washington Street. I thought that was considered Central Ave since it's right next to Cal's News and 47 Central, but apparently it's Washington Street. Anyways.. I went in and Marco, the owner, asked me what I wanted. I asked him what their specialty was and he pointed out a few things. The Beef Lule (pronounced Lou-Lay) got my attention and so I gave that a whirl. I probably drove him nuts, but every time he asked me if I wanted a certain ingredient on the sandwich, I just replied, "Whatever you would do."

It paid off in spades. The Beef Lule, prepared the way chef Marco intended, is a masterpiece. I love the roll. It comes on that crispy bread that is similar to a Vietnamese Sandwich. The Beef is so incredibly tender and cooked just right. All of the ingredients including the hot peppers and pickles add surprise delightful tastes as you make your way through the sandwich.

Last night I was over at Turbine Wine Bar and I had been hearing about this Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Havarti sandwich special for about a week and I really wanted to try it. The owner, Stephen Hanley, looked at me kind of funny when I said I wasn't interested in the soup. So I retreated and said, just give it to me the way mother nature (or Steve Hanley) intended it. Well, once again, I was floored at the way the pieces fit together. One without the other would not make sense to be anymore.

Got me thinking that Matt O'Neil should have a Chef's Tasting at The Blue Ox where we are left to his glorious, skillful will in the kitchen. I've been able to try some things "off the menu" at the Ox and they are always a complete delight.

Three cheers to the Chefs of Downtown Lynn! I leave my taste buds in your more than capable hands.

Fernando's Restaurante
23 Munroe Street
Lynn, MA

Turbine Wine Bar
56 Central Square
Lynn, MA

The Blue Ox
191 Oxford Street
Lynn, MA

Supreme To Go
424 Washington Street
Lynn, MA



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