Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Phelan Remains President, Council Remains Afraid

Except for one man!  Pay attention. This is a man who is putting himself in political risk in order to pursue the change you all deserve in this town.

ok... he's getting a nickname.... he deserves it after sticking to his guns today.

Crighton the Titan (Ward 5 Councilor Brendan Crighton) was the only one with the balls, yes I said balls, to represent the public today. He voted in support of Dan Cahill for Council President. I spoke to quite a few people after the meeting who were there in support of Dan. The poll here is overwhelmingly in favor of Dan 23-2 at the time of this post.

It wasn't a surprise, but it is a disappointment.

Phelan once gave me a lesson in which he referenced the play Doubt: A Parable and the scene where the priest talks about spreading feathers from a pillow as rumors. The inability to go pick them all up after spreading them into the air is the lesson taught.

There's another important lesson in Doubt. Do not live in fear of authority figures standing at the pulpit.

Councilors, your vote was noted today. We'll have our chance next year. Who is Buzzy going to replace? I hear there may be others jumping in to the race. If you should be afraid of anything, that's it.... it's not the man at the pulpit.


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  1. We'll see if the people back Misters Crighton and Cahill. I applaud them for taking the risk. This council needs new leadership if Lynn is to reach its potential.


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