Saturday, January 15, 2011

Re-Creating Cuban Sights and Sounds

Either right now or after you read this post, go to Facebook and RSVP for the event of the year presented by Arts After Hours. Sights and Sounds of Cuba is coming up fast. January 22nd from 7-9PM with a TLGUTS opening of Cuba: In Form from 5-7PM. Cuban photography by Gretjen Helene, Cuban music by La Timbistica, Cuban food by Juan at Fernando's... Your senses will be Cubanized.

So, why Cuba?

This event came together rather organically from Day 1, when the Arts After Hours crew sat down to think through the season for 2011. (Sorry I still can't announce the June musical). Jocelyn Almy-Testa, local gallery owner and my Arts After Hours partner, filled us in on a Gretjen Helene show she was going to be doing in the January time frame. It turned out to be photography from her recent time spent in Cuba. The photography is absolutely exquisite and we immediately went to task at figuring how to get more people to come and see it.

We immediately thought of Divinity Dance Studio. They had classes on Broad Street for a while and are now located on Western Avenue in the Lydia Pinkham Building. Yaya and Sharon are phenomenal dancers and agreed almost instantaneously to be a part of this event.

Notices went out to Berklee College of Music, we begun an almost impossible hunt for Cuban food in Massachusetts, and were able to find several different Cuban organizations in existence right here in Lynn through Danielle Girard's connections at SCILynn. La Timbistica, 2008 Jazz Band of the Year in DownBeat Magazine will be our headliner on Jan 22nd. Juan Gonzales from Fernando's will create some Cuban tastes for us. We already know his Cuban sandwich is to die for.

Yesterday's LA Times article about Obama opening up a bit more to the people of Cuba (embargo still firmly in place) kind of hit a chord with me and really does wrap up why I got so passionate about this topic. Many of the people of Cuba are creating beautiful art, making wonderful music, cooking delectable food, and living good lives. We don't hear a lot about this, we don't see it, we don't experience it. Travel to Cuba is very restrictive and with the embargo, experiencing Cuban product is almost impossible. So... we re-create it the best we can.

Come and experience the Cuban sights, sounds, and tastes at Arts After Hours on Jnauary 22nd. All of the details are on Facebook where you can RSVP or on our website at

See you there. RSVP Now!


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