Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In - So What? Let's go to Fernando's and Turbine Anyway!

Fernando's will be open in the morning for coffee and breakfast.   (MUNROE STREET)

If Supreme to Go is open, I'm there for lunch! (CENTRAL AVE)

Turbine has said that there will be trivia tomorrow night even if we all have to ski over there. (CENTRAL SQUARE)

It's not healthy to be stuck inside all day. Get out of the lofts, build a snowman, and support an open business on Wednesday.

I hope to see you all at Turbine. I am horrible at Trivia, but I talk some good smack. I hear local artist and business owner, Sean Lobdell, will be the MC. That spells fun to me.

You can't snow-in a Lynner! Let's prove it!


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