Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blue Ox - Open and Packed on This Snowy Night

You can't even fight the people off with snowflakes. They are going to pack The Blue Ox no matter what you do.  Tonight, you all proved my previous post on why I love the snow. I actually knew a bunch of you in the Ox tonight and it was great to see a bunch of neighbors out enjoying some of the most amazing food in the Greater Boston area.

I don't think they even needed a special to get us to come in tonight, but they had one and it was very delicious. When you purchased a glass of 2008 Truchard Zinfandel, Carneros, California it came with a bowl of Wild Mushroom Ravioli- braised kale, mushrooms, thyme, marsala wine, porcini cream, Parmigiano. Both were delectable. You can never go wrong at this place.

I found a new blog, Gestalt Project, and apparently they were at the Ox as well tonight. We have another blogger on our hands. Seems they also enjoyed their meal.

Thanks for being open on this snowy Tuesday night. More importantly, thanks for being awesome and a reason people are discovering Lynn... even in the snow.



  1. Wish I had come out tonight, but I shopped while hungry yesterday and have some food at home to deal with.

    One day I'll bring a bag of gluten free pasta over and ask very nicely..they'll sure do a better with it than I can.

  2. We were at Chianti in Beverly last week and they had a zucchini based pasta. Have you tried it?

  3. I haven't. I haven't seen it in specialty isles/gluten free shops, either. I'm intrigued.


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