Friday, February 18, 2011

City Council Agenda for Week of February 21st

Tuesday, February 22nd

License Committee, 7:15 P.M., Room 402Discussion re:  Minor Licenses, and Other Business.

Public Property Committee, 7:30 P.M., Room 402Discussion re:  Request from Lynn Public Schools to hang banner,
Request from North Shore Christian School to hang banner; discussion re:  21R Michigan Avenue, and Other Business.

Finance Committee, 7:45 P.M., Room 408Discussion re:  Financial Transfers and Other Business.

            City Council Agenda

Roll call
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance


Richard J. Fortucci, City Treasurer

Dear Councilors:
The City of Lynn has foreclosed on the following property:
21R Michigan Avenue, Owner:  Gail Raymond, Trustee of the Raymond Living Trust.  Please adjust your records accordingly.
Sincerely, Richard J. Fortucci, City Treasurer

Public Hearings:

Public Hearings to be Set Down:

Unfinished Business:
Finance Committee Report of January 25, 2011:

Ordered that the City Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to make the following appropriation transfers:

From the Account of Precinct Payroll:
To the Account of City Clerk Expense:        $14,000.00

From the Account of Reserve Fund:
To the Account of Veteran’s Payroll:            $13,845.48

Adopt Permanently: (previously adopted December 28, 2010 with an emergency)

An Ordinance Amending the Ordinance Regarding Snow Removal in the City of Lynn.

Committee Reports:
License Committee
Public Property Committee
Finance Committee

New Business:

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