Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fortucci Reinstated as CFO, Effective Immediately

It's 2AM. I honestly don't have a lot of fuel left in me. I did want to let you know the outcome and that the vote was unanimous. If you'd like to see a summary of how your councilors voted, please view

The outcome is dissapointing but expected from a council that never looks forward, only backwards. Loyalty is good to a point, but when presented with what you heard over those three sessions, I can honestly say I am very troubled to be a resident of the city you lead, but oh well. We're kind of getting used to the abuse.

Business as usual in the City of Lynn.

On to more investigation into the Lynn First Foundation. The Daily Item better be on this like hotcakes as of tomorrow . They should have been on it for years. A foundation with Chip as the Director designed for the government to go where the government can't go. Sounds like something worth putting a reporter on to me. 

If not the Item, could the Boston Globe please feel free to step in here.

Glad it's over. Let's move on.

 Key refrain. I've heard it over and over again around this city. It's mostly a message for Claire, but it also has been heard by you over these three days. I hope. You can start by returning my email about snow removal from a month ago and the second one from a week ago. You could also ask Claire or Jay to respond since they were both on both messages.



  1. You need to look up Limited Liability Companies - if the concert proceeds are not in an LLC I would ask why aren't they? As long as no one is taking the money and spending it inappropriately, they are legal. I didn't get to hear the end last night but was surprised that the Mayor hadn't researched it first.

  2. Lynn First Foundation is in the Mass Attorney General's database of nonprofit organizations which is accessible to the public.

  3. Right. and no filings have been made whatsoever. No board meetings, no filings, people have been giving to this unknowingly at Manning Field (no signage), and no one has been providing oversight on this. This is money that should be coming in to the city and the schools and being spent how the city needs to spend it, not to some random group that no-one knows exists. Until now.

  4. Having watched only some of the circus I am shocked (although I shouldn't be) just how little respect it "appears" the council members including the President have for the mayor.

    Is the mayor perfect? No of course not. Can she do everything she promised and be everything everyone wants her to be? Of course not. Who can? Every single one of us has not fulfilled every promise we'd ever made or followed through perfectly. But that does not mean she does not deserve respect. It appears to me that the major could have brought in Obama to testify and the buffoons that are our city councilors would have still stick their fingers up their noses.

  5. Corey, Thanks for the twitter journal. The quotes are helpful, and agreeable. It is nice to see how much everyone does respect the mayor, in saying they want to work or communicate more with her. Its a positive thing. Moving forward can include evaluation, which these proceedings have done.

    The outcome has not been a disappointment to me. I actually think its fair. Maybe, its a good sign, that in Lynn we can have 2nd chances to work with people, opportunity to make things right, live without hypocracy and simply help one another.

  6. Gee Katerina-I wonder if all your support has to due with the fact that you need all the "honest" people at city hall to be on your side for your silly lawsuit??
    Which BTW is a gross waste of taxpayer $!!
    There should be no second chances for this guy! He failed and then some! He should hang his head in embarrassment.
    Is Al Capone and his bullies running the city from the grave?

  7. Hubertus, assumptions can be sometimes annoying, but amusing at best (just like the drama of this recent showdown). I am a free speaker. You should know that by now. Stop giving me so much attention.

    The lawsuit may sound silly to you, but many residents in the area are relying on it if you have any heart for them. The staffed law department of city hall has agreed to take on the lawsuit, which is no additional cost to taxpayers.

    I'm not relying on a lawsuit (as you say)... I have my own battle strategies... there is more than one... I'm just not saying.

  8. ps. I expressed my opinion before I knew which way Council was voting.
    LOL on your assumptions of me :D....

  9. "Glad it's over. Let's move on."

    Best said.


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