Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the Next Lynn City Hall....

This is way better than Jersey Shore. Just sayin.... 

Next Tuesday, the Fortucci hearing continues as an agenda item on the regular city council meeting. It means another session sure to go to midnight or later. Once has the video out I will definitely watch it and provide some commentary.

I got out from rehearsal last night and caught the very end of the session on LynnCAM. Just based on what I saw, I'm sure the council provided much comedy throughout the four and a half hours. I got to see Cyr calling out the Mayor on her management skills. She referred him to our City Charter and reminded him that she is not the one on trial. It was a brilliant smack down. What the Mayor forgets is that our council doesn't read or follow developed plans, strategies or practices except when convenient.

I hope you are all paying close attention. Buy an Item and read the story. Go to and watch the video. See your councilors in action. It will help vote some of them OUT come election time.



  1. If the Council actually puts this guy back in charge of Fiscal Affairs in Lynn it will just confirm what we've all know for a long time. Outside of a couple of councilors the group as a whole is a bunch of dopes. The Darren and Duffy show is an award winner!!! All I can say is WAKE UP fellow voters of Lynn and vote these dolts out of office if you care about the city.

  2. I really wish I could make it next Tuesday, but will definitely watch the videos. I think its amazing that they took this opportunity to lash out at the mayor. That is a long laundry list of our dollars going down the tubes. Those aren't small mistakes or oversights that should go unnoticed, be brushed off as "simple mistakes", or couldn't have been avoided through due diligence. He's handling the check book of approx 90k investors, and he doesn't feel as though he should have to answer to the investors for loosing their money? If she let it continue, what would they say about her then? If the council slaps him on this wrist, what does it say about them? What does it say about their sincerity to uphold standards of work that are unconditionally supposed to represent the best interest of the people of Lynn?

  3. Let's let the hearing finish and see how they vote.

  4. The video finally made it online by 6:30-something this week, I may bring a 32gb media card so I don't have to dumb down quality part way through..and will try to separate the clips in even times rather than over an hour one, 20 minutes the next..could have fixed it, but then it wouldn't be online yet.

  5. These hearings are great but don't forget - Fortucci is only being removed as CFO - he will stay on as City Treasurer - so what is the real purpose of these hearings? Will he get the same pay? Will the city have to pay a second person to act as CFO? Why isn't there a Finance Committee for the City that oversees the budget process and would have caught a lot of the big item errors years ago? Doing a city budget is a team process from start to finish - not for a Mayor to be somewhere alone compiling and going over figures. Why was Pace removed as CFO years ago and retained as Controller?

  6. The more and more I see it, this city is a joke. We can try all we want, and yes there are many great things going on in Lynn, to help with a turnaround, like the Auditorium, the WaterFront, downtown development, but some of these leaders....WTF. computers in the basement for months......bills not paid on time...all the wrong doings at city hall.......I know this can happen at any compnay, but for a city trying to change it's image, and move forward, this is not the way to do it. I have lived here for almost 10 years, I have had my jeep burned in front of my house, had my house broken into and christmas gifts stolen, but I a still here. If I am going to be here, I would like to see this city turn around, or am I fooling myself.....would I like to see the whole economy turn around so I can sell and get out.

    P D


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