Thursday, March 10, 2011

Audience Development in Downtown Lynn

I feel bad I haven't been able to write as much the past few weeks, but I wanted to touch base with the readers and let them know of the great progress we are making. We're really starting to develop an audience in Downtown Lynn.  At Arts After Hour's last event, we had a lot of new faces and an incredible range in the demographic. It was great to see the area politicians and city leaders out at the Downtown events as well. City Council President Tim Phelan, State Rep. Steve Walsh, Councilors Capano, Crighton, Cahill, Lozzi, and Lynn Housing Authority Executive Director, Charlie Gaeta were all in attendance. It's great to have these guys all involved in what is happening downtown. I hope to see it continue and spread like wildfire to other Department heads and the rest of the council.

We once again saw an amazing collaboration of Lynners from Turbine Wine Bar (Stephen Hanley), The Blue Ox (Matt O'Neil), LynnArts, SPIN, SCILynn, DTLna, TLGUTS, Subterranean, Spiral Glyphics, Stake Airbrushing,, The Lynn Item, and It's great to see all of these entities coming together to produce memorable nights for this new audience.

The spirit of collaboration and volunteerism is incredible and is already being felt as we put together our cast and crew for the June Musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. For the Bee, we have already signed on many special guests as guest spellers including our Mayor for opening night on June 10th.

It's a really special time to be creating in Downtown Lynn. If you're looking to get involved, please reach out. We need you.


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