Thursday, March 24, 2011

Globe Article on Hawthorne's Restaurant

The only thing wrong with this article on Hawthorne's in Downtown Lynn is the picture is dated and does not show the current look of the property. This story has brought much debate to this blog and I enjoyed a very heated debate after trivia last night. Check out the article. Good comments from both sides. Happy to see good businesses such as Cal's News represented in the article. I applaud the efforts of our city to move the Downtown forward.

This square is pivotal to connect the commerce of Central Square to the activity on Oxford, Munroe and ultimately Market and the Auditorium. Once the city gets this area figured out, we need to move on to Mayo Group once and for all. As was brought up in discussion last night, they are holding many buildings along our gateways to our Downtown and we need a strategy on how to get them moving on those as well. Piece by piece, our downtown is coming back to life.

Watch for a special on what's going in Downtown Lynn on WGBH Monday at 7PM.  


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  1. I did read this, god article, thanks for the heads up on the WGBH show. Should be interesting. PD


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