Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lynn Community Coffee House - A Giant Leap Forward

Friday night we got a glimpse. The lucky 200 who got in the door, that is, got a real glimpse. It was of the future of Lynn.

It was simple. A few hundred chairs, a couple of stage lights, a microphone, and a black felt backdrop.

It was RAW. A church basement, a bag of popcorn, a few local artists, and a community non-profit.

So simple, and when the comedian that night took the stage, something happened in Lynn that cannot be undone. We became the real deal. This is a true beginning of another group pouring their talents, time, and energy into a coffee house experience rivaling those you may find in Cambridge and Somerville. The fact that it was happening in a church basement on our Common made it all the more powerful to me.

If you were not there, you not only missed some of the most amazing and insightful politically charged comedy I've heard in a long time, you missed being a part of this community's giant leap forward.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm talking about Jimmy Tingle at the Lynn Community Coffee House at St. Stephen's Church on Friday night. Jimmy spent the last year at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in an attempt to figure out how he could impact public policy changes through the use of humor. I think he nailed it. He definitely changed a few hearts and minds at this Coffee House. He at least made people question a few of their own beliefs. I am sure of it.

The church was absolutely beautiful. At 7:30, the reverend took us on a tour of the building which is completely decked out with the most beautiful Tiffany windows. Apparently, the oldest Tiffany windows in a church. The church is on the state and federal historic registers. A really beautiful visual. I encourage you all to check out this place.

You really missed something amazing on Friday night, if you weren't one of the 200. Make sure you leap on the tickets for the next Coffee House. I will no doubt be letting you know about it.

Three cheers to Lynn native and performing artist Don White, Jocelyn Almy-Testa of TLGUTS, and Rev. Jane Gould from St. Stephen's for bringing Lynn a giant leap forward. Thank you!


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