Thursday, March 10, 2011

Next Steps

What are the necessary next steps in our Downtown's forward progress.

EVENTS - We have some great events moving forward with Lynn Museum, Arts After Hours, RAW, LynnArts, Mass Theatrica, Building Bridges Through Music, and the Lynn Auditorium.  From visual arts to music to theatre to one night charity events, we have a nice mix going on. More please!  We all need to embrace competition. It's all good for Downtown Lynn. MORE MORE MORE!

LANDLORDS - Whether you agree with the tactics of our city leaders or not, the pressure being placed on properties such as 33 Central and Hawthorne's is going to force at least a second look from the landlords. They should either get on the train or let it leave without them. Either way, the train is slowly starting to move. It's a lot less painful to jump out now.

CONDOS - In addition to 14 Central Ave and 33 Central Square which seem to be moving in positive directions towards possible new housing, we need more and in the right areas. We need some more density around Central Square. I think gobbling up Hawthorne's might be just what is needed to connect the Central Square area with that vacant lot on Andrew Street left by that grease fire. That is primo land for some great new mixed use space with the potential for several new condos.

COLLEGE TOWN - We need NSCC to expand as they wish and we should encourage some of that expansion to cross the street. Get those college kids walking around Central Square during the day. I love the mention of a possible auditorium in the expansion plan. What our Arts and Culture district lacks is a good 200-300 seat auditorium.  This could fill this gap.

AIR CONDITIONED AUDITORIUM - Let's get Lynn Auditorium air conditioned once and for all. Let's do it! It's an important piece of the puzzle so that our downtown entertainment venue can thrive during the summer months and continue to bring support to local restaurants to the tune of 2200 bodies a night.

RESTAURANTS - The Ox is packed every night. Lupita Restaurant and Tatiana's have a growing crowd and Tatiana's has begun some great comedy nights as well. Turbine Wine Bar is growing it's late night scene and dinner crowd with its' incredible new pizza menu. During the day, nothing beats a trip over to Fernando's. Nothing!  So, it's a destination for lunch and dinner. More restaurants makes it even more so. BBQ please. Cool, trendy Burger Joint please. Cafe in the downtown with a good cappuccino please. Italian. Indian. Sushi. Anything. We're ready. We're hungry.

CITY - No, I'm not going to complain about anyone here. I'm going to plead with someone to hire a freakin city planner. ONE city planner. ONE who understands urban revitalization and how it works well. A consultant probably to get around the ridiculous residency requirement. DO IT! With every step we take in the wrong direction, we hurt ourselves so much. We've made too many mistakes in allowing certain development to proceed. Need someone to take a look at this area and really start to break it apart street by street and decide exactly what will work where, and go and help the right people make it happen.

So much good is happening. Put your efforts into one of these categories. You will be rewarded.



  1. as long as the planner is not sillysaki
    After the Olympics in Athens, the country complained they wasted 400,000 euros on useless drawings. If the movie is bad, take the loss on the ticket and leave the show.

    We need a planner who understands Lynn and what 'CONTEXTUAL' means. One who knows in what parts modern buildings belong, and where they don't.. who understands zones and urban fabric. One who doesn't have a style, or an ego to apply. Hard to find. Good luck Lynn. Please stop listening to outdated 80's ideas. (I've said enough :)

  2. I agree with Katerina on Sasaki. I don't understand why the city is so enamored with them. Every one of their drawings has been ho-hum, at best, and as if they pulled them out of a drawer of stock templates and adjusted them just enough to fit within the given parameters.

    On condos: I want more residences, too. But in "mixed use," we have to find the correct ratio between residential and commercial that works for our infrastructure. That "500" residents figure - I'm not sure I believe it anymore. More, yes. How many more? We need better experts. And a GOOD city planner.

    I'm also okay with some developments going strictly commercial/office/retail. Tipping the balance too much into residential can sometimes hurt the arts and commercial interests to the point where restaurants and nightlife are choked out so people can sleep. Just study Lynn's favorite comparison, Quincy's Waterfront, or our neighbor Salem, to see how the clampdown on fun ensues when people move into a hip neighborhood and then scream for it to shut-up, essentially hurting what might have drawn them there in the first place. I want to live somewhere fun.

  3. Yeah compare it to Quincy. Article in the paper yesterday...they started a new Waterfront Pier that got no where, project is now on hold. Salem, has lots of great places. A tavern on the square would do great on the Lynn Waterfront, if we ever get that far. How is the Lynn Waterfront coming. So much talk, it is time for action....anything, show me a sign, a reason to believe. Now coming in Saugus, Buffalo Wild Wings, just around the Corner from Hooters, and you can say what you want, but Hooters gets more people in a day than probably most places in Lynn get in a week. So many people that BWW is building with in 1/2 mile. I agree with a BBQ place, or maybe some thing like a Boston Beer works........PD

  4. It takes talent in Marshmallow Land to wake up out of bed in the morning and decide to be a city planner.

  5. Unfortunately we can't hire anyone from Marshmallow Land, charter says you must live in Lynn.

  6. Just checking in.....has any one seen the pictures of the Salem Waterfront Docks being built. these will allow for larger ships, and increase tourism and foot traffic. didn't Lynn have a plan for something like that. Does anyone know what is going on with that......PD

  7. Here's another one. 5 Guys Burgers opening soon in Saugus. There's your trendy Burger Joint. Just curious, I see all these stores and restaurants opening around us........starting to make me wonder, what's up with Lynn.......PD

  8. condos are swell and all, but quality rentals are also really needed. if i decide not to renew my lease, there are no suitable alternatives in lynn.

    franchises will not open here because there isn't the per capita income to support them. there needs to be way more mid-high income housing.


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