Monday, March 28, 2011


Today at noon, tune in to NPR to hear Emily Rooney talking about Lynn.

At 7PM, WGBH will be doing a show on Lynn during this time of economic change.

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  1. Nice little promo for single people moving into downtown but the real crux for the city is the 65% of the city that are single family homes with families - there was no mention of that. My friends always remark at how surprised they are to come to my house and to see that most of Lynn is actually very nice (contrary to what they were lead to believe) – they go back to Arlington or where ever and tell all their friends on how it is not as bad as they all thought! (really - I hear that all the time!)

    From the next segment, I did learn a lot listening to the ideas too of the former mayor of Providence about taking risks, vision, and real leadership being needed to turn a city around. I remember Providence 20 years ago and my son has a home there now so I know who the whole city has been remade.


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