Friday, March 25, 2011

This Weekend in Downtown Lynn

Tonight is the night to have some fun in Downtown Lynn.  DJ Seth will be at Turbine Wine Bar, 56 Central Square, starting at 9PM with Ready Captain: indie rock, new wave and classic alternative.  At 8PM, the karaoke machine lights up at Tatiana's on Market Street.

On Saturday, make sure to check out Family Day at the Lynn Museum from noon to 4PM. Become a member of the museum while you are there. They are doing great things and are an important resource for us to support. This summer they will be hosting Arts After Hours 2nd annual Back Yard Bash. Can't wait!

Follow that up with a visit to The Little Gallery Under the Stairs @ 25 Exchange Street (LynnArts) for the opening of their new show, TASTE from 4-6PM.  Check out the shows at LynnArts while you are there. Capturing Time in the Time Warner Gallery and Fizz by Valera Velev in the Willow Community Gallery.

While you're sitting on your couch on Sunday recovering from all this fun, log on to Arts After Hours and get your tickets for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The June 10th (opening night) show has guest speller Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy. I can guarantee those tickets won't last long. Check our website for the guest speller lineup including Charles Gaeta (LHAND), Mark DeJoie (Blue Ox/SPIN), David J. Solimine, Jr. (Solimine, Landergan & Richardson Funeral Homes) Lucy Dearborn (Lucia Lighting and Design), Lowell Gray (, Brendan Crighton (Downtown's Councilor), and Kate Luchini (Lynn Museum). Show runs June 10th-June 19th. Only 100 seats per performance.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



  1. how about listing things like Karaoke with Christie Friday night @ the Sandbar, or Supertonic Saturday night @ the Sandbar. These all help bring people downtown, and spur the growth of the whole area........PD

  2. A very good point. I know Seth gets contacted by Sandbar and posts that stuff on Are they on Facebook? How would I know what's going on in there. It looks like a nice place.

  3. just a thought, I do not go there much, but Christie is a friend of mine, who does the Karaoke, as well as a friend of mine is in the band tonight 3/26. Just think Corey...this is 3 of the last 4 Sat. nights in DTL.


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