Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Lynn Pages to Like on Facebook

Ok boys and girls, it's time to get your clicker ready and click like on all these buttons. It will help you to follow what is going on in Downtown Lynn and show your support for the businesses and organizations that are doing such great work bringing our Downtown to life.

We'll start with us. If you haven't liked this yet, what's wrong with you?

Arts After Hours is producing one night events in Lynn with visual artists and musicians as well as a full season of Theatre starting with a musical in June 2011 called The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

TLGUTS is on the bottom floor of the LynnArts building. Current exhibit TASTE is about to close. They will have an exhibit called Word Play that will be open in conjunction with the musical for Arts After Hours.

LynnHappens is run by Seth Albaum and is a phenomenal resource for the latest happenings, calendar, and some great articles about the city as a whole. He religiously records all city council sessions and has just recently begun airing school committee meetings as well.

Lynn Auditorium is on fire if you haven't noticed. I mean that in a good way. This weekend we have the Boston Gay Men's Chorus. On Deck is Big Bad VooDoo Daddy and Howie Mandel. Buy tickets and help pack this place for everything they do! You will not be disappointed.

LynnArts houses two great galleries, a black box theatre, and several artist studios. Right now they have a Lynn Schools exhibit which is fantastic. They also show several professional visual artists througout the year.

Lynn Museum is a great resource for Lynn history and also houses the Historical Society and all the records and archives that go along with that. It has been an incredible hot spot for some of the most amazing events downtown in the past few years.

Traveling Piano is a project of SPIN and the United Way and is a phenomenal community builder. The piano was last seen on the raised MBTA platform.

Turbine Wine Bar is a great place to go for dinner, drinks or both. Fantastic wine list, great food. They recently added a broccoli and cheese in a bread bowl to die for!

Fernando's is the best breakfast and lunch place in Lynn. His chef skills are even experienced in something as simple as a breakfast sandwich, but come out strong in his sandwiches at lunchtime. If you're ever lucky enough to catch a burger special, GET IT!

The Blue Ox is set up as a group so I can't put a little like box up here. You need to click on this link and join the group.You won't be sorry. Be the first to hear about specials, events, etc. The best food on the North Shore when it comes to dinner. Matt O'Neil is a genius.

Tatiana's is a neighborhood favorite. A lot of the downtown residents go there for brunch. It's also a great spot if you want to play darts or pool while you grab a drink or some food. The menu is very diverse meaning there is something for everyone.

Love the folks at RAW. They do wonderful things for the youth in Lynn and surrounding communities but they also run a mad awesome event every May. This year's BASH is on May 21st.

The Urban Wine Project is a winery in Downtown Lynn. The first wine will be an Oxford Pinot Noir. They will have a Central Square Chardonnay as well. Check out the page for more on how this all works!

The Wine Gallery is Downtown Lynn residents Kevin Sampson and Mario Hernandez foray into owning a wine shop in Downtown Lynn. Their concept will include art and wine in a unique boutique style store. Very excited to see this come to fruition. They have a lot of challenges along the road to get through government tape, so like them and support them on this journey.

The Dirty 200 is a page dedicating their life to the clean up of the old Beacon Chevrolet lot on the Lynnway. It is a mess. Support them if you wish by liking this page.

CSI Lynn is about conversing, socializing, and interacting about Lynn with Lynners past and present.

I definitely left out some awesome folks. I will do another one of these posts with the places you leave in the comments of this post. What are your favorite Lynn Facebook pages?



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