Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome Home to Commuters on Thursday by the Traveling Piano

Thursday at 5PM SPIN and United Way's Traveling Piano will be on the Central Square train platform welcoming commuters home from work. I will be at the keys for at least a portion of the early evening, but you should kick me off and play some tunes yourself. If you play, you get to sign the piano. Great community building effort by the folks at SPIN. Big thanks to the MBTA Transit Police and the MBCR (Lt. Cmd. Lenehan and Manny Machado) for being so supportive of the idea and helping us ensure everyone's safety during the event.

See you after work! Bring your talents or just come and observe the crazy Downtowners!



  1. Love this...!! Imagine you will be creating a very cool environment. Wish I could be in town to hear and see it. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Can't wait! Just a few hours away. I have a Fake Book PDF on my iPad and I'm ready to go!

  3. trying to remember the last time i left work before 5pm...

  4. We stayed until the 6:10 pulled in at about 6:30. My fingers were tired and the piano movers had arrived. I'm sure there will be some weekend appearances this summer.


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