Saturday, May 21, 2011

Antiques, Farms, Art and Innovation - Spend May 21st in Downtown Lynn

I'm so excited about today in Downtown Lynn. We have The Food Project and their Farm Fest, The Lynn Museum with an Antiques and Collectibles Auction, Exposed Urban's Innovation 120 at Turbine Wine Bar, and The BASH at Raw Art Works for the grand finale. It's going to be so much fun Downtown today.

Come on down for the full day and experience all we have to offer in the next 16 hours. I would encourage to start off in Central Square. Last night, RAW's Jason Cruz and his assistant Jorge went to town on 33 Central, transforming what I affectionately call our "Detroit style building" into something powerful and meaningful. Take a look. What does it say to you?  Jason is someone who has been working with Lynn's youth for years. They all respect him so much, as do I. Recipient of Bank of America's Local Hero Award, Jason Cruz' picture will be staring at you the next time you need to make a deposit. I couldn't think of a better person for such an honor.

At 9AM, head to the Lynn Museum where you will find an incredible assortment of Antiques and Collectibles. The Auction begins at 11AM. Please support this fantastic organization. I can't say enough about the good they are doing for Downtown Lynn and check out the renovation of the interior while you are there. Check out a lot of pictures of the stuff for sale on the Lynn Museum Facebook Page.

At 11AM (or after you've won your auction piece), head over to Munroe Street, for The Food Project's FARM FEST. You can pick up plants, seeds, gardening supplies and take some workshops on planning and planting a raised bed garden. Come by and meet the folks from The Food Project. Bob Burns and J Harrison are two of my favorite people in Downtown Lynn. 100 Munroe Street 11-2. Be there!

At 2PM - go home and take a nap. You are going to need it, trust me. I've been to the BASH. It's a party and a half.

At 5:00PM - head over to Turbine Wine Bar for Innovation 120 from the folks over at Exposed Urban. Ok, you got me, this is a shameless plug for an event that Mark DeJoie, Emily O'Brien, and yours truly are running. We believe innovation is synonymous with Lynn. We believe entrepreneur is synonymous with Lynner. Come and chat. It's a great networking event and a great way to experience Turbine Wine Bar.

At 7:00PM - It's time to get our BASH on  at The BASH. Raw Art Works throws quite the massive event every year around this time. Incredible works of art go for incredible amounts of money supporting incredible work of staff cultivating incredible talent of Lynn's youth.  It's really an amazing thing and not an event to be missed. Unfortunately if you don't have tickets already, you're out of luck!

Also at 7:00PM, is Mass Theatrica's Songs of Sondheim at LynnArts. LynnArts is at 25 Exchange Street in Central Square. Great singers who I am sure will sing the crap out of Sondheim. Check it out!

At 1AM - Go to bed (or I'm sure you could find an after-after party if you're in the know) :-)

Downtown Lynn - It's Happening. Don't Let it Pass You By - Get in to it today, May 21st!

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