Friday, May 6, 2011

May 12th is a Big Day/Night in Downtown Lynn

May 12th is building up to be quite a night for the Central Square area. 3 Great Events! 1 Night in DTL!  I love it when that happens! If you plan carefully, you can get the hat trick.. 

4-6PM - Check out The United Way Financial Stability Center reception. They will be celebrating a phenomenal year where they were able to return over 1 Million dollars from helping 700 people with their tax returns. This is incredible success in getting money back to these families, a lot of which goes un-returned every year.  I've had the privilege of rehearsing in the SPIN space and been able to observe some financial literacy courses in action. It is amazing life-changing work they are doing in that center. Come and celebrate this with the dynamic social-media dynamos at SPIN on May 12th from 4-6PM.

6-9PM - After your time at SPIN, you will be inspired to see more of what's gong on in the Central Square area and have I got the event for you. Head over to the Lynn Museum where they will be holding an exclusive fashion show called Wearable Art. The price tag is $50 which is a steal for getting to watch this amazing fashion show with Boston designer Sara Campbell, learn about trends for the fall, eat some amazing Blue Ox goodies, and support the work of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society which is becoming more and more the hot spot of Downtown Lynn through the great work of the staff there.

6-9PM - Also from 6-9PM, Raw Art Works is having their opening for the show , "Something from Nothing." If you've never been to RAW, you are really missing out. Check them out on the 12th and then come back to RAW for their annual BASH (the party of the year) on May 21st. The 21st is also quite the night on the May calendar for Downtown Lynn. More on that soon.

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