Thursday, May 5, 2011

Step 1 - Inventory

Recently, I've known of several folks looking to make Downtown Lynn a home for a new business. Upon first glance, you would think this would be easy. After all, there are several empty storefronts, right? Well not really. I think we have identified 3 and they all have issues.  Several of these store fronts are simply not for rent. Why? That is the question. Have they fallen too far into disrepair and it's just not economically feasible anymore? Has the building owner put his attention somewhere else and is neglecting this part of their portfolio? Are there tax reasons?

So, that brings us to Step 1 - Inventory. It begins with a walk around tomorrow morning before we all go to work with Ward 5 Councilor, Brendan Crighton. Yes he agreed to be woken up bright and early on the Friday morning after Cinco de Mayo.

We need to bring these folks to the table, if we can, and figure out the root causes. If we don't figure this out, we will never make progress. I've seen it now for three friends trying to find space in our Downtown. The landlords have this place on lockdown. It shouldn't be this hard. Something's gotta give.

Listing will go up on here of all identified properties that seem to be on lockdown. If we have to take them on one by one, we will open up these places, identity the challenges and figure out ways to push these one step forward.



  1. Corey, thanks for doing this. There's power in numbers, so let me know if DTLna can do anything to help.

  2. Good walk through with Brendan today. It is clear that growth can not happen unless there is room to grow.


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